Vivid Games
Vivid Games is one of the most technologically advanced, independent development studios in Europe, and the biggest producer of mobile games in Poland. With its headquarters located in Bydgoszcz and an office in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, the company is being led by a team of experienced industry professionals and is currently employing over 115 world-class talented specialists. Perhaps you are the one we're looking for to fill our ranks and help us take over the games industry.
While most companies offer you another run-of-the-mill job, Vivid Games focuses on family values, ever-present as we face the challenges that come with creating the world’s best mobile games and technologies. Being one of us is also the chance to work with the best of the best of the gaming industry, constantly developing your skills and fulfilling your passion which everyone at the studio shares – the love for games.
Being a world-class games developer, as well as priding ourselves in family values makes us keenly aware of what our team member require us to deliver for them to feel right at home. That is why we provide competitive salaries adequate to position, competences and experience, access to a broad range of private health care benefits, as well as financial support for any sports activity programme you choose to engage in after work. All throughout the work week, team members have the chance to partake in a company breakfast, gathering strength to face the day’s challenges. We also offer our employees many opportunities by attending conferences and training courses all around the world, helping them develop their knowledge and skills.
We’re all a team at Vivid Games - whether it’s at work, or after hours. A great variety in studio personalities, ample occasions to celebrate in the form of integration parties, as well as the sheer amount of attractions that Bydgoszcz itself offers will not only make you feel part of the team in no time, but also teach you brand new ways of spending free time. In short – you’ll never feel bored again.
Vivid Games headquarters is located in BYDGOSZCZ – the capital of the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship, and the 8th biggest city in Poland, which has recently been voted as the 5th most beautiful city in Poland by the prestigious Poland Sotheby's International Realty. For hundreds of years the city has been an inspiration to both visitors and residents, owing to its picturesque location on the Brda River, the historic Bydgoszcz Canal cutting through the city center and unique architecture which some believe to resemble that of Amsterdam. Bydgoszcz is also home to many artistic events, an opera house and philharmonic hall, numerous cinemas, cafes clubs and bars, as well as vast recreational spaces, all of which provide tons of attractions everyday, around the clock and throughout the year.
Vivid Games' rapid growth has resulted in opening a new office based in WARSAW – the capital of Poland, the city of exciting opportunities and overflowing with positive emotions round the clock. Experience the same work comfort, the same family atmosphere while tapping into wide range of attractions the biggest city in Poland has to offer – isn't that a great mix? Our team loves challenges and feels at home in the metropolis... we feel like we have the appetite for even more conquests!
Each year, Vivid Games offers tens of young and ambitious people the chance to take their first steps in the gaming industry. Our attractive internship program is a unique opportunity to begin your career as a game developer, as well as show off and develop your skills under the watchful eyes of industry specialists and veterans.