Vivid Games S.A. is one of the most technologically advanced, independent development studio in Europe and the largest company producing games for mobile devices in Poland. The company, based in Bydgoszcz led by experienced founders, currently employs more than 90 highly qualified specialists.

Vivid Games dynamically adjusts its strategy to market conditions and consistently implements it by focusing on the production of mobile games with high production values. The greatest success is the game Real Boxing™, which has already hit more than 25 million customers on several hardware platforms. The second game of this type is Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus. Work is underway on the game Real Boxing 2, built from scratch in Free2Play model. The premieres of consecutive titles, ie. Metal Fist and Real Casino are planned for 2016. With the reorganization and increase in production capacity, the Company will be able to deliver much more and much better games of their own production each year. Launching the program of external gaming publications will allow Vivid Games S.A. to make even more dynamic growth in the scale of operations, as well as provide a much greater diversification of the products’ portfolio.

The new strategy of the Company is committed to a long-term goal of creating a common publishing ecosystem for millions of players. The announced platform for mobile e-sport, which will be a worldwide innovative will provide stronger involvement of players within the ecosystem. In addition, It will strengthen the parameters of monetization and will have a positive impact on the visibility and attractiveness of our products.

Constant development and results of the work in the form of high quality games have been well received by the capital market. The Company's shareholding structure includes funds of Giza Polish Ventures (5.86%) and TFI Skarbiec SA (4.92%). The value of the Company since its debut on the NewConnect market grew by over 1,200%, reaching a value of 100 million PLN. In 2015, the Company is planning another public issue of shares and transfer of their markings to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Vivid Games. Excellence in Digital