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Turn into an impactful and brave bounty hunter exploring incredible sceneries while traveling trough galaxies to chart new, hidden worlds among the stars. Discover strange forms of life and mercilessly exterminate them. Customize and develop your character with weapon upgrading and skill progression. Unite with other space knights in co-op raids to increase your majority or outsmart them and lead them to death, sabotaging their activities in versus mode. Join this space journey and become undefeated!


  • Innovative sci-fi top-down shooter with RPG elements,
  • Unique art style, with incredible visuals and climatic sound,
  • Various game modes: a narrative driven campaign and more (TBA)
  • A wide variety of quests, with a proper mix of combat and exploring,
  • Character development and customizing, weapon upgrading and skill progression,
  • Customizable and upgradeable companion robot,
  • Daily and weekly in-game events, which will keep the galaxy alive.