Vivid Games' strategy for 2015 and future years
16 March 2015

Vivid Games is proud to present the company's strategy and plans for 2015 and future years. The presentation is available for download here.


Double content update for Real Boxing™ out now on Google Play
20 February 2015

Android users can now download the latest version of Vivid Games' flagship title Real Boxing™, introducing a new game mode, career tournament and lots more - all available for FREE.

One of the main new additions is Arcade Mode - a brand new way to play the game, with 15 increasingly difficult stages and otherworldly bosses to beat, with the promise of amazing rewards for the champions.

The Underground Tournament on the other hand introduces players to the world of street boxing, with new rules, challenges, caged arena, as well as over 40 new items for player customization.

You can download Real Boxing™ for FREE on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards
04 February 2015

The action-adventure title from Vivid Games and Academy Award-nominated studio Platige Image has been nominated for the 11th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.

The title is contending for the Excellence in Audio Visual Art & Design, as well as the People's Choice award, the latter one voted for by the gamers.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
24 December 2014

It was a great year for Vivid Games and we couldn't have done it without you. We have a lot of great things in store for you in the upcoming year and we hope you'll be there with us. It's going to be a one to remember. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Real Boxing's Underground Update out now on the Apple App Store
18 December 2014

Gloves are off as Real Boxing™ takes its award-winning gameplay to the streets in the all new Undergound Update – available now for iOS on the Apple App Store for FREE!

The new update continues to offer players more singleplayer content by introducing a new Underground Tournament, which sees players duke it out inside a caged arena against the meanest and toughest street boxing opponents from around the globe, with a new set of rules and challenges to overcome.

Along with the Underground Tournament, the update introduces over 40 new items and boxer customization options for players to unlock and use, including hats, sunglasses, new haircuts and facial hair, pants and more, matching the style of the update’s street boxing theme.

The Underground Update, as well as Real Boxing itself are both available for iOS, FREE on the Apple App Store.

The game is also available for Android, FREE on Google Play, with a major content update for this version coming soon.


Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus out now on Google Play!
04 December 2014

Vivid Games and Platige Image are proud to announce that the critically acclaimed action adventure title for mobile, Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus, is now available on Google Play for FREE!

The highly-anticipated action-adventure title slashes its way to Android with jaw-dropping Unreal Engine-powered visuals and animations, dynamic third-person combat against hordes of enemies, epic boss battles, free exploration and more – delivering a truly console-quality experience on mobile.

The Android version has been enriched with exclusive, never before seen content which include a brand new Time Attack mode, dozens of challenging Quests to complete for great rewards and a new dynamic Survival arena.

Gameplay has also been greatly rebuilt and optimized to deliver the ultimate Godfire: Rise of Prometheus experience to Android gamers. Among the many improvements are better enemy AI, enhanced combat mechanics and controls, completely redesigned levels and many more.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is available for download on Google Play for FREE. An additional version of game is being built for devices equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, boasting visual effects never before seen on mobile.


Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus launches on Android December 4th
28 November 2014

The next-gen action-adventure title for mobile from Vivid Games and animation studio Platige Image is coming to Google Play next week, December 4th.

The title has been greatly rebuilt and optimized to take advantage of the new platform, as well as enhanced with brand new content, game modes, improved gameplay and upgraded visuals.

An additional version of game is being built for devices equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon graphics processors, boasting visual effects never before seen on mobile.


Real Boxing Anniversary Update hits the App Store
27 November 2014

Real Boxing™ celebrates its knockout 2-year anniversary in November with the release of the Anniversary Update – out now on the Apple App Store.

Anniversary Update introduces players to a brand new singleplayer Arcade Mode, with over 15 increasingly difficult stages, challenging boss fights against otherworldly opponents and a unique set of rewards.

New for iOS in the Anniversary Update are also the explosive Power-ups and a new stat called Condition. And with all the new content comes an anniversary makeover featuring enhanced visuals, animations and visuals effects.

Celebrate Real Boxing’s 2-year anniversary and download the game with the Anniversary Update – available for FREE one the Apple App Store!


Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus brings the heat with new update!
20 November 2014

Second major content update for Vivid Games and Platige Image action-adventure title makes the game better in almost every way, and is available now on the App Store.

Reforged Update introduces improvements to each level and feature of the game, providing players more variety, challenge and reward. The update also enhances visuals and adds advanced graphical effects which let the dynamic gameplay shine brighter than ever.

Combined with full support for new iOS devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, Godfire truly delivers on the promise of console-quality gameplay and next-gen visuals on mobile.

Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus is currently available on the Apple App Store at a special reduced price of $0.99 to celebrate the launch of the new update. The Android version of the game is currently in development and will be released later this year.


Real Boxing™ now available on Android TV
04 November 2014

Vivid Games’ flagship game is available as part of the prestigious Launch Collection for the revolutionary new digital TV platform from Google.

Real Boxing™ for Android TV includes all previously released content updates, along with the latest Power Update. The game also features full support for the platform’s capabilities, such as high resolution graphics and controller.

Real Boxing™ for Android TV is available for FREE on Google Play. The title is also available for free for iOS, and since 30.10 also on Android mobile devices.