Godfire: Rise of Prometheus - new details and screenshots revealed
11 April 2014

Vivid Games has released new details and screenshots from their highly-anticipated action-adventure title for mobile Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The game is playable for those attending PAX East in Boston all throughout the weekend.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus will offer a wide range of customisation options that will allow players to alter character progression in every way. The many armour and weapons scattered throughout the world of Godfire will allow you to looks and play the game how you want.

The three difficulty modes available are sure to provide a challenge for players regardless of skill, much in thanks to the advanced AI of the enemies that become smarter and more aggressive.

Exploring the world of Godfire will provide the player with opportunities to find hidden chests, unique weapons and magical items across the landscape, which grant special abilities to aid Prometheus on his epic quest, while solving challenging and diverse puzzles lets you immerse yourselves in the game's world even further.

With a fully voiced cast of mythical characters and a story by Steve Ince, writer of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Broken Sword, the game brings the full triple-A experience to mobile. 

The game is currently being presented at PAX East in Boston all throughout the weekend. For a hands-on experience with the revolutionary title being co-developed by Vivid Games and the Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image visit Booth #1036.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus will be available on mobile in Q2, 2014. Visit the game's official website for more information.

Temple - Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Fury - Godfire: Rise of Prometheus


Real Boxing™ Multiplayer Update out now on Apple AppStore and Google Play
27 March 2014

The new update introduces a spate of new content, including Weekly Tournaments - week-long events that keep changing every seven-days, bringing with them a fresh set of rules every time that are sure to keep players on their toes when facing their foes in the ring. Fighting for top spots, players will have to manage doing so with invisible healthbars, knockdown victories and no blocking among many other, with the promise of big prizes, both real world and in-game, waiting for the best of the best.

The general multiplayer experience has also undergone an overhaul as part of the Multiplayer Update, making the process cleaner, easier and ultimately fairer for all combatants. The update also brings with it new and exciting social features to the game, with the ability to quickly and easily share your tournament results with friends, as well as quickly look up upcoming content and keep tabs on your progression via Facebook.

To celebrate the launch of the new update, Real Boxing™ is currently available at a special discounted price for a limited time only on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


New trailer for Godfire: Rise of Prometheus released
20 March 2014

Vivid Games, creator of the smash hit Real Boxing, in collaboration with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image are proud to present the newest trailer for Godfire: Rise of Prometheus.

Focusing on combat, the trailer highlights what players can expect from the gameplay of this next-gen mobile action-adventure title - amazing high-end graphics powered by the Unreal Engine, freedom of movement while taking on multiple enemies at once, huge bosses, and a richly cinematic experience unlike any before it on mobile devices.

The game is currently slated to release in Q2 2014 for mobile devices. As the title gets closer to release gamers can expect new information and media showing off the game. Visit the game's official website for more information.


Godfire: Rise of Prometheus official website launch
05 March 2014

Vivid Games and Platige Image would like to invite you to the newly launched official website for Godfire: Rise of Prometheus.

The updated website provides new, never before seen information into the story, characters and locations of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, as well as new media, including screenshots and artwork from the game.


Real Boxing™ for Mac out now on the App Store!
27 February 2014

Real Boxing™, the undisputed champion of boxing games on mobile, is now available on the Mac App Store for your punching pleasure.

Boasting a wide range of new features, including the brand new single-screen multiplayer and support for a wide range of controllers, as well as an even sleeker look and feel thanks to the graphics engine and gameplay overhaul, the renowned fisticuffs experience is practically a new game and holds up the side as the only boxing title available on the Mac App Store.

Real Boxing™ is available on the Mac AppStore priced at 9,99 USD / 6,99 GBP / 8,99 EUR. Get the definitive boxing experience for Mac on the Mac App Store during the launch weekend and receive a 20% discount for some truly knockout value.


Real Boxing™ is coming to Mac on February 27th
19 February 2014

Vivid Games has announced that the newest version of Real Boxing™, the studio's flagship product, will launch on the Mac AppStore this February 27th.

The title will sport updated graphics, improved controls and gameplay, a new single-screen multiplayer mode, and support for a wide range of controllers, making this the best version of Real Boxing to date.


Real Boxing™ is coming to Mac!
05 February 2014

The multiple award-winning Real Boxing™ is coming to Mac, bringing with it the definitive boxing experience that surpasses any known competition on the Mac Appstore.

The new version received a complete graphical overhaul, including new character models, effects and textures, as well as an updated control scheme and fighting system for complete immersion and a tactical approach.

Players will be able to compete with friends in local single-screen multiplayer. The title will also support all types of controllers.

Get ready to step into the ring when the game comes out this February.


World Explorer out on Apple AppStore
17 January 2014

Jon Hare’s newest title, developed by Vivid Games in collaboration with British developer Tower Studios and Appy Nation, arrives in Canada.

The title is an immersive adventure around the world through a series of diverse word games, which provides not only exciting entertainment, no matter the age or gaming experience, but is rich in educational value as well.

Word Explorer is currently available in the Canadian Apple AppStore and is a Free to Play title. The game's is set to launch in the coming months.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
24 December 2013

Vivid Games would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the year. May your Christmas truly be vivid, and the New Year a knockout!



Real Boxing Xmas Update out now on iOS and Android
20 December 2013

The latest update to hit title Real Boxing has just been released on iOS and Android, adding more content and greatly enhancing the gameplay experience.

The new version introduces extended support for iOS7 controllers and Android gaming tablet Wikipad, which allow players to fight in multiple tournaments and real-world venues for the title of World Champion using analogue controls instead of touch screen. Vivid's collaboration with MMA and boxing gear brand PunchTown means that players can also now enjoy a "PunchTown Pack" of downloadable content such as highly stylised boots, gloves, shorts and tattoos to enhance their fighter's appearance and performance.

A new and improved multiplayer function that enables players to easily locate more opponents in a shorter space of time delivers a heightened gaming experience. To mark the launch in time for the holiday season, Vivid has also added snow effects and ring girls in santa costumes to the game for a limited period to give things a special festive flair.

Real Boxing is available on Apple AppStore and Google Play at a promotional price of $0.99 / £0.99/ €0.99.