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★ Real Boxing for PC on Steam ★

Real Boxing PC on Steam
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Best App Ever 2013

Real Boxing™ has been chosen "5th Annual Awards Winner for Best Sports Game" by Android Best App Ever Awards. Thank you for all your votes!
Polish Game of the Year

Real Boxing™ was awarded the title "Polish Game of the Year" at European Games Festival, Digital Dragons 2013 in Krakow, Poland! Big THANK YOU to all the fans and critics!
Polish Game of the Year

Real Boxing™ has been named The Best Mobile Game at Mobile Trend Awards 2012.
Combo Update on App Store!

Combo Update out now on Apple App Store

Real Boxing is ready to pack a punch with the new Combo Update as the ultimate boxing experience on mobile becomes even better with the addition of a brand new Combo System. Unleash a furious barrage of devastating punches at your opponent and chain up to nine hits for the fastest and most satisfying Real Boxing experience to date. Share your journey in the world of professional boxing via Twitter. Deepen the multiplayer experience thanks to a fresh set of Weekly Tournaments with new and exciting rules. Get Real Boxing with the Combo Update now - available for free on the Apple App Store and coming soon to Google Play.

Real Boxing FREE!

OFFER OVERTIME - Real Boxing FREE on iOS and Mac

Real Boxing is available for FREE on iOS and Mac! You can also get free coins if you grab the game via FreeGameCredits! Experience the undisputed champion of fighting games and download Real Boxing today!

Coming to Mac February 27th!

Rivals Update out now for Real Boxing™

Are you Friends, or Rivals? Expand your boxing rivarly with the newest update to the critically acclaimed Real Boxing� with the Rivals Update. Connect yourself to the world of Real Boxing� like never before with the Social Panel. Win great prizes and boosts every day thanks to the new Daily Spin. Play the most fluid and satisfying version of Real Boxing� to date. Download the Rivals Update now - available on the Apple AppStore.

Coming to Mac February 27th!

Real Boxing Multiplayer Update out now!

Hungry for a challenge? How about a tournament? The new Multiplayer Update is here with a spate of knockout content. Take part in Weekly Tournaments - week-long events with a fresh set of rules each week, including invisible healthbars, knockdown victories and no blocking among many other. Be the best and win big prizes, both real world and in-game. Share your victories with friends, check up on current standings and see what�s coming up next via Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Get back in the ring now!

Real Boxing for Mac out now on the App Store!

Real Boxing™ for Mac out now on the App Store!

Real Boxing™, the undisputed champion of boxing games on mobile, is now available on the Mac App Store for your punching pleasure. Boasting a wide range of new features, including the brand new single-screen multiplayer and support for a wide range of controllers, as well as an even sleeker look and feel thanks to the graphics engine and gameplay overhaul, the renowned fisticuffs experience is practically a new game and holds up the side as the only boxing title available on the Mac App Store. Get the definitive boxing experience for Mac on the Mac App Store during the launch weekend and receive a 20% discount for some truly knockout value and be sure to follow our Facebook profile for your chance to win amazing prizes in the Real Boxing™ launch contest coming soon!

Coming to Mac February 27th!

Real Boxing™ is coming to Mac February 27th!

Real Boxing™ is coming to the Mac AppStore this February 27th! Amazing graphics, updated controls, improved gameplay, new single-screen multiplayer, and support for a wide range of controllers make this the best version of Real Boxing™ to date! Get ready to step into the ring with the ultimate boxing experience on Mac!

Black Eye Friday

Real Boxing™ Xmas Update now available!

Real Boxing™'s Xmas Update arrives just in time for the holidays and is packed with exciting content, packing a bigger punch than ever with a "PunchTown Pack" of new gear and tattoos, support for iOS7 controllers and Wikipad, enhanced multiplayer matchmaking, all packed into a stylish holiday theme. Buy Real Boxing™ now and make sure your holidays have that extra punch they deserve! Real Boxing™ is immediately available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Black Eye Friday

Black Eye Friday WEEKEND!

This Black Friday, Real Boxing™ is taking on the whole world! Every micropayment in the in-game store is 50% off, world-wide on iOS and Android! The offer is only available until 2nd December, so you have to be quick! You can get the game HERE.

Major Update

New updade: Enhanced Multiplayer for iOS & Android

Take your skills to the next level and enjoy hundreds of hours more gameplay in the feature-packed multiplayer mode. Fight it out with your friends in real-time via Game Center. Bet virtual currency on your fights as well as buy lottery tickets for a temporary stats boost. Prove your skills and win a place in the global leaderboards.

Real Boxing PlayStation Vita

Real Boxing™ on PS Vita Enters the Ring in the US for $9.99

Real Boxing™, the first console-style boxing simulation for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, will launch on September 17th in the US via PlayStation Network.

RAN Real Boxing by Felix Sturm

A standalone brand called RAN Real Boxing by Felix Sturm is an exclusive title for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The game was produced for a series of boxing events with German boxer Felix Sturm. During its whole promotional campaign game will be highlighted and advertised through all of ProSieben's promotional channels including 30 second TV advertisements.

RAN Real Boxing by Felix Sturm has been already released on both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Project SHIELD

Real Boxing™ will be available on upcoming NVIDIA's SHIELD handheld console - an Android-powered gaming portable with the advanced processing power of NVIDIA™ Tegra™ 4.

For more information on NVIDIA SHIELD, please visit shield.nvidia.com


Real Boxing™ is now MOGA Enhanced with controller support!