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Why invest in Vivid Games S.A.?
  • one of the most technologically advanced, independent development studios in Europe
  • the biggest producer of mobile games in Poland
  • over eight years of rich experience in the game industry
  • highest technological competence
  • over 160 projects for smartphones and mobile devices
  • recognition on the global market
  • strategic partnerships: SONY, Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Samsung,
  • large portfolio of titles
  • global success Real Boxing™
  • 90% of sales market in the USA and Western Europe
  • clear strategy
  • dynamic rise of sales
  • stable stock ownership
Share marketAlternative (NewConnect)
No. of shares25.300.000
No. of active shares25.300.000
Stock code (ISIN)PLVVDGM00022

Price 4,95 PLN
Change +1.85 %
Turnover 42,99k PLN

Tomasz Muchalski
Everest Consulting

cell: +48 504 212 463